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    25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy by Andy Warhol, 1950’s.

    "Andy Warhol loved cats, reputedly keeping as many as twenty-five in the Lexington Avenue apartment he shared with his mother. The book comprises sixteen lithographs of cats, each named Sam, and a seventeenth simply captioned ‘One Blue Pussy’. Warhol’s affectionate studies are full of whimsy, depicting cats in various postures of play and repose."

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    The Three Stooges, “Spook Louder”, 1943

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    Kate Moss in Monaco

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    "Extra-Terrestrial Ice Cream". 9"x12". Acrylic and modeling paste on wood panel. 2014.

    Erik Van Uden


  9. this was a band called “Frankenstein.” later they cut their hair, ditched the cheesy glam clothing and changed their name to “The Dead Boys’. yeah that’s stiv bators in front.
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    kate moss, gucci by tom ford ss01


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  11. Rare photo of Vampira by Dennis Stock, 1954

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  13. Joe Strummer

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    The Evolution of Robin Williams 

    By: JeffVictor

    haven’t been posting Robin Williams stuff, but this…….

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