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    See, this is the refrigerator I want…

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    God damn it Jim! Luke Butler

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    Happy birthday Edward Hopper.

    "Night Windows," 1928

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    Original “Hanover Fiste” illustration by Bernie Wrightson from the Apparitions portfolio, published by Sal Q. Productions, 1978.

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  7. GREAT guitar appreciation by Poison Ivy. (Sorry Guitarville ain’t on Spotify)

    Poison Ivy Evil 13 (minus 1)

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    See for me that her hair’s hanging down.
    That’s the way i remember her best.

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    Kristen McMenamy by Norbert Schoerner for 10 Magazine, Summer 2013

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    Virgil Finlay

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    Jim Warren

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    Eternity and Doctor Strange by Michael Golden

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