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    Bob Dylan @ Manchester Free Trade Hall, 1966

    always reblog this moment of genius

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    Future Past Bachelor Pad

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    Louis Vuitton AW 2013Magdalena Frackowiak by James Lima for LOVE. (VL4DA)

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    John Carter, Flash Gordon and a captured Tarzan - art by Neal Adams

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    Yo security!! Let us pass!!  We’re going backstage.

    No…No…its cool mister!! We’re with the band. :-)  

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    The Replacements, 1987

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    I’m sure it’s already been done, but here’s my favorite super group as I first met each of them individually…

    GOTG being released this week, let’s post this again and see if it can make a few more rounds?

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    Happy Birthday Dame Diana Rigg, born July 20th 1938

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    The No-Talents

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